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Principal's Message
Its my proud privilege to welcome you all to join this strong inclusive learning environment.From the founder secretary Janab. A.K.Usman Moulavi ,who introduced the school in 1998 with a band of deducted men through today ,the school has always striven to provide students with the highest quality of education as understood at the time. The role of the school is not only to peruse academic excellence but also motivate and empower the students to be life long learners ,critical thinkers and productive members of the ever changing global society.

The school has well occupied libraries and laborataries for science, languages and computer to allow the pupils to develop and evolve their innate talents and keep abreast with modern education from the very beginning . Through sports , games , arts and other various activities the talent potentialites are discovered , encouraged and fine tuned

The school lays a great deal of stress on character formation and development of spiritual and ethical values which are imparted regularly to students through the teaching of moral science. The school is previleged to have a unit of Souts and Guides. Things seem to be changing ever faster these days the power of technology is posing significant challenges to the educational institutions.There are no greater challenges facing our nation and the world than in the areas of education and health. We are providing leadership to meet these challenges

Our highest priority is to find teachers who have a passion for teaching and who love working with children. This is because we belive children need to feel safe , happy and valued by their teachers , before quality learning can take place

Sixteen Successful academic years has been completed . The students of Thaqwa are provided with adequate of opportunities to develop and excel. Their efforts and achievements are appreciated place on record the support and encouragement of the management , school staff , parents etc

Let's step forward to another year of success and achievements. So let's work with dedication , confidence , patience , strong determination and above all faith on God to reach the pinacle of glory and success


Syed Munavarali Shihab Thangal
It was established in 1995 with an aim to protect poor and helpless childrenunder the auspicious of Panakad Sayed Muhammadali Shihab Thanagal.
It provide free education, food and accommodation to many destitute children More..

We find suitable bridegrooms for th destitute girls in our institution attaining marriageable age.More..
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