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  • Thaqwa Arabic College
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A variety of activities are offered which are designed to introduce students to collaborative learning , enhance study skills and provide opportunities which build social and academic support
Parents Meet Day
Our school as it stands literally,socially and physically is the result of combined and concerted efforts of our students, teachers and parents. For successful academic progress P T A meeting is conducted after every terminal examinations
Important Day Celebrations
All important days are celebrated with variety of programmes and competitions
Arts Festival & Sports Meet
To add to academic excellence our students are generally adapted to co-curricular activities .Arts festival and sports meet is organized every year with a view to identify honour and refine the creative ,literary ,cultural and physical talents of the children
Club Activities
Science ,Social Science, Maths ,IT ,Language etc.Clubs are conducted many programmes including social service with the help of SEED and NALLAPADAM programmes
Tours are conducted every year to different sight seeing location
School Magazine
School publishes an Annual Magazine where in students are encouraged to write stories, features, poems etc. for the magazine.
Rewards are distributed after every competative events to the toppers


Syed Munavarali Shihab Thangal
It was established in 1995 with an aim to protect poor and helpless childrenunder the auspicious of Panakad Sayed Muhammadali Shihab Thanagal.
It provide free education, food and accommodation to many destitute children More..

We find suitable bridegrooms for th destitute girls in our institution attaining marriageable age.More..
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