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the best teacher award winner(2017-18) pp rajesh master principal the thaqwa residential english school thoufeeque charitable trust thoufeeque charitable trust Thaqwa KG Fest 2015 Thaqwa bagged 100% success in Malayalam school and English school in the SSLC examination 2014.


   About Thoufeeque Charitable Trust
Thoufeeque charitable trust was formed in 1994 with a view to give education to the poor and backward women of the community especially for orphans and destitute. It is the aim of the trust to give all possible protection to such needy women. Andathode which is in Punnayurkulam Panchayath in Chavakkad Taluk is the centre of the trust.

The trust was headed by Janab Panakkad Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab Thanagal who was an unequal leader of secularism and democracy. He was also a veteran political leader who was accepted by all. Janab A.K Usman Nadwi a veteran in the field of education is the secretary. Other members are Mr. M.C Moidutty Haji as Vice Chairman, Mr. P.K Chekku Haji as treasurer, and Abu Haji as member.

Trust started educational institution in 1998 in Andathode in Chavakkad Thaluk to give education to the poor and backward pupils of this area. Trust is providing free education to poor orphans, destitute and other helpless pupils. Thqwa Banath Ythemm Khana which is run by the trust provide food and shelter to many orphans and destitutes. It also give modern job oriented value based education envisaging their better future. Now we have to improve the infrastructure facilities considering the increase of the students. Being managed by a charitable trust, It is difficult to find out the source of income for the day to day affairs of the institutions.

Therefore we are forced to accept donation from the benevolent people are request for their help. May god bless us for our good deeds. +more


Syed Munavarali Shihab Thangal
It was established in 1995 with an aim to protect poor and helpless childrenunder the auspicious of Panakad Sayed Muhammadali Shihab Thanagal.
It provide free education, food and accommodation to many destitute children More..

We find suitable bridegrooms for th destitute girls in our institution attaining marriageable age.Me..
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